New Apple Battery to Make Your Device Last Weeks

apple macbook

Apple Battery

World’s technology giant, Apple Inc. is considering an increase in the battery life for their device after filing a patent application for a fuel cell system that could power the MacBook for weeks.

Daily Mail has reported that though it will be produced for laptops, it will also be made smaller in size for other Apple devices including the iPhone, iPads and watch.

The decision came after a British company successfully developed an in-built hydrogen fuel cell that can power an iPhone for at least a week.

The fuel cell systems works by converting fuel to electrical power thus mixing fuel like hydrogen to an oxidising agent such as water or oxygen.

This will be in a removable cartridge and can be refilled once it has been used. It is also expected to work with the normal battery.

Reports say Loughborough-based Intelligent Energy is working with Apple on this project but CEO Henry Wizard has not affirmed or denied it.


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