Top 5 Social Media Networks for Businesses

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Top 5 Social Media Networks for Businesses

Have you been wondering about getting the best social media networks for your business, well you’re on the right page for the right info at the right time

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We live in a digitally connected world today however, the search for the most suitable or top 5 social media networks for businesses has turned out to be an enigma for many start ups and even well-established companies.

In some advertising or marketing campaigns, it is a good practice to necessarily cut cost, pull effective results and maximize profit when selling a brand, product(s) and/or service(s) and social media is no exception. Social Media Experts have also tagged it as the best advertising tool especially for young businesses because it is organically costless and effective [when the right practices are enforced].

In this analysis, signing up to the right social media platform is key and it is in this light that I present to you the top 5 social media networks that will perfectly sell your business. There are numerous platforms that make content (texts, photos and videos) sharing possible so you really need to check them out from the list below:

1. Facebook

It is the world’s most populous social media platform with over 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users. It is the one-stop platform for many social media users because of its well-designed interface among many factors. It gives the user more room to make configurations including privacy settings to suit himself, herself or the business’ page. Relatively, it offers the opportunity to share texts, videos, photos etc. to a larger audience. Businesses can create page(s), group(s) for brands, services or products. Moreover, it stays atop because it has the features of all other social media platforms. In an attempt to fight identity theft, it also uses the page verification feature for personalities and businesses. Facebook is free to use but have other paid services i.e. a user can opt to boost a page for more “Likes”, boost a “Status Update” etc. Log on to and “Sign Up” now.

2. Twitter

This social media platform has been identified by Experts as the best alternative to Facebook with over 500 million users. It is another awesome platform for business in that it exposes your brand to a wide range of audience. It has one of the best hashtags feature which even make contents be broadcasted to a very large audience. It is one of the few social media platforms fighting identity theft and it also uses the account verification feature for personalities and businesses. This platform allow businesses to interact with customers and potential customers on the go. Unlike other platforms, users can only join or be added to a “List” of other users or accounts sharing a common goal. Its “Mention” and “Direct Message” features also makes it unique interaction however many have criticized its 140-character limit per tweet. Log on to and “Sign Up” now.

3. LinkedIn

This is a professional social media platform for all businesses and business-minded individuals. It allows companies and individuals to particularly create their portfolio, search for jobs, hire professionals and network with other users from different business fields. It allow users to share texts, photos, and links about their businesses [although it can go beyond that]. Here, “Connections” are created between users and when a “Status Update” is shared, your connected users will see the content you shared. Log on to and “Sign Up” now.

4. Instagram

It is one of the few social media networks that keep rising in terms of the number of users everyday. This is just a perfect social media platform for startups most especially in the visual industry: photography and film-making [not to say it is a bad platform for other businesses]. However, it also serves as a great avenue of advertising for those in fashion. It gives account holders an opportunity to share unlimited photos as well as 16 seconds limited videos to a very wide audience. The use of the hashtags is very key on this platform because only users following you will see your photos or videos shared if one fails to hashtag it. This service is on Apple and Android-powered devices however, it has widely been criticized because of limited photo size, limited video length as well the an account per phone feature. Get the Instagram app at the App Store, log in and “Sign Up” or visit now.

5. YouTube

This is just another perfect social media platform for businesses. It allow users to share videos to a very large audience. Businesses especially those in the arts industry around the globe have been able to market their the products to many people. One good thing about this platform is that one can make money out of the video uploaded by monetizing them. Log on to and “Sign Up” now.



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