6 Ways to Keep Your Credit Card Safe

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Credit Card Safety

A credit card is a payment card issued (usually by banks) to cardholders/users to enable them pay merchant(s) in return for goods and/or services.

It facilitates the smooth transaction of business across boarders. However, credit card users, in recent times, have had to contend with the problem of how to keep it safe. Users risk losing big sums of funds or money to scammers across the globe.

I also presume you have once asked rhetorically, “is my credit card safe?”  Yes, this kind of question usually pops up, if you are cardholder. But there are some practices that will cushion your life as a credit card holder.

It is in the light of this that I bring you some of the best ways of keeping your credit card safe.

1. Keep Credit Card in Your Front Pocket

Avoid carrying your credit card in a wallet in your back pocket. This will prevent thieves who could step up behind you from scanning with an RFID scanning device. However, if its in the front pocket, you will be more observant and you are less likely to become a victim.

2. Purchase RFID Jamming Card or Shield Wallet

Thieves use RFID scanners to get vital information from you. However, buying the jamming card or shield wall will prevent them from scanning your card for the information. It actually block the scanners.

3. Beware of People Around You

When transaction any business with your credit card, make sure that nobody is standing within a feet of you.

4. Monitor Your Credit card Statement

In actual sense, this will not prevent thieves from getting away with your cash or other information. However, monitoring it and reporting unauthorized transactions to your issuer will limit potential losses. It also protects you against identity theft.

5. Make Online Purchases From Your Own Computer

When shopping online, make sure that you always do so from your personal computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, phablet, phone etc.). By doing this, you don’t risk making your information available to other users or potential thieves.

6. Use Temporary Credit Cards

Some banks give temporary cards to customers (sometimes free of charge). These cards are not linked to your actual bank accounts. However, the bank links it to an account for your own transactions. This allows you to deposit only a limited amount of money you want to use to purchase a good or service at a time. Ask your bank about this service.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlammyNews.com


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