DKB Claims That Ghanaians Are Unappreciable People

Stand-up comedy as we all know is one of the entertainment sectors which is now gaining grounds in Ghana. Over the past few weeks, so many comedians came out blaming and accusing people for their poor performance.

DKB has also added his voice to this issue. Readers will admit that most of the comedy events held here in our country is headlined by foreigners mostly Nigerians. From the likes of Basketmouth, Okey Bakaasi, ‘I Go Die’ and many more DKB has blamed Ghanaians for the failure of comedy in Ghana.

He said Ghanaians don’t promote their own artistes but rather wants to see more of Nigerian comedians. He explained the reason why most of our comedy shows are headlined by Nigerians saying, ‘is an individual from Nigeria who organizes his show and he started with Nigerians and they were accepted by Ghanaians and since the person also wants money he has to bring more of them since they are the once our people want’.

He further added that a Ghanaian doesn’t want his fellow Ghanaian to shine. Ghanaians have this mentality that when a Nigerian is coming on stage he is going to make him laugh, but when he hears a Ghanaian name he asks himself is this guy going to make me laugh? He was at 1011 laughs and when his name was mentioned somebody asked ‘who is that’? All these things discourage a person. He further asked for Ghanaians support for our comedians.

Ghana’s rep to Big Brother Stargame added that he doesn’t need Ghanaians support anymore because he has gone beyond our support. He explained that by saying what he has learnt from Ghanaians is that, the more you wait for their support, the more you grow older and the next thing you realize is that you are dead. A few Ghanaians support him but he likes it.

He advised his fellow comedians that since Ghanaians don’t support their career they shouldn’t sit idle but do their research and organize their small shows and they will get to wherever they want to reach. “Ghanaians don’t laugh at the auditorium but will go to their various homes and laugh there”.

When asked if the problem was because Ghanaian comedians are not creative, he said ‘if anybody says that then he doesn’t know what he is saying because Ghanaian comedians are creative. They don’t use BlackBerry, Whatsapp and internet jokes but they use things around them to prove how creative they are’.

Nigerians laugh at their own-selves. They use their own problems to crack jokes for a person to laugh and nobody complains but when a Ghanaian does same; they will start blaming him for using a public issue. All these are because they don’t want to promote their own product.

Source: OMGGhana




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