Where Kenyan People Take Money for Importing Bentley

As many Kenyans complain there is no money, especially, at the beginning of every new year, someone in the country just imported a Bentley.

It is not a secret that such country as Kenya also can be proud of wealthy people. Nevertheless, sometimes these people are so wealthy that ordinary people ask themselves what’s wrong with their own life.

One of the brightest examples for this, accordance to Tuko.co.ke is a Bentley on the streets somewhere in the capital Nairobi.

In order to make a long story short, you can check the price for this luxury car. Everything you need is just to open Google and write down “Bentley price”.

Starting price for this engine in England is approximately $180,195. Take into the consideration the fact that this is the price without taxes for importing this vehicle to Kenya.

All the conclusions are up to you!




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