Actress Yvonne Okoro shows Massive Boobs at Miss Universe Ghana 2018 – PHOTOS

Yvonne Okoro Boobs

Yvonne Okoro’s Boobs come to Play at Miss Universe Ghana 2018

Actress Yvonne Okoro’s breasts are asset and they invite avid eyeballs wherever and whenever she attends an events.

Her presence at last night’s Miss Universe Ghana 2018 beauty pageant was no exception.

The ‘Dangerous Feeling’ actress was spotted at the event in a red straight fit dress showing her huge melons.

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The host of ‘Dining With Cooks & Braggarts’ also attracted a lot of comments during and after the event which saw Akpene Diata Hoggar being crowned as Miss Universe Ghana 2018.

Check out Yvonne Okoro in her elements:





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