A Guide To Getting A New Drivers License In Ghana

A drivers license is issued only upon passing both the theory and practical tests given by DVLA.

The test is open to all drivers in the process of obtaining a drivers license.

The DVLA regulations require that all applicants for the first time apply for a Learner’s Driving License first before being issued a Drivers License.

People with experience or existing DVLA licenses are not required to go through the process.

New Drivers License In Ghana

Learner Drivers License

A learner’s license is a prerequisite to obtaining your new driving license.

Prior to being issued a driver’s license, you must possess a learner driver’s license for a period of three (3) months.

Requirements for Acquiring a Driver’s License in Ghana

  • One of the requirements for acquiring a driver’s license in Ghana is that you must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must have a physical exam at any DVLA office nationwide.
  • A Basic education (BECE) or Adult Education, as well as reading and writing skills are required.
  • A passport picture is required.
  • You need to pass an eye exam as one of the requirements.

How much does a new Ghanaian driver’s License Cost?

The cost of a new driver’s license in Ghana is GH 257.

Types Of Driving License / Classes Of Driving License in Ghana.

A driving license in Ghana can be classified into 6 different types. These licenses include:

  • Class A – Class A license is designed for drivers of motorbikes.
  • Class B – A Class B license entitles the holder to drive minibusses and pick up vehicles containing 1-15 passengers.
  • Class C – The Class C license is issued to drivers who can operate medium-sized buses with moderate loads. The passenger capacity of the vehicle must not exceed 45.
  • Class D – Drivers holding a Class D license operate coaches and heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, with a passenger capacity of 1-65.
  • Class E – A Class E License is for drivers who operate industrial machines.

The process of getting a new drivers license in Ghana consists of the following:

  • You will first need to buy, complete and submit a Form F and F1 from the DVLA.
  • Thereafter, you will undergo a physical examination and an eye test.
  • You will be issued a Learner Driver’s Permit, an L-Plate, a syllabus, and a Highway Code upon paying the required fees.
  • There will be a 48-hour compulsory training course at a DVLA accredited driving school.
  • Afterward, you will have your biometric data captured and schedule a written test, which can be either: Written exams (Computer-Based Test).
  • A subsequent oral examination will follow.
  • After that, you will have to take the in-traffic test.
  • After that, you will need to make the payments for your driver’s license and P-plates.
  • Your Driver’s License will be Captured.
  • You will then be issued with a temporary license and P-Plate.
  • Afterward, you will receive a valid Driver’s License.

How to Apply / Register for A Drivers License on the Online DVLA Portal.

Drivers License
Register for A Drivers License on the Online DVLA Portal

In order to apply for a Ghanaian driving license on the DVLA Online Portal, first log in using the following link: online.dvla.gov.gh/sign_in

You will be asked for a Username and Password during the account creation process – you’ll then be prompted to sign in.

You will be successfully signed in to the DVLA Online Portal.

Now, you can register for a driver’s license online through the DVLA.