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How To Calculate Car Duty In Ghana

How To Calculate Car Duty In Ghana Buying a brand new vehicle in Ghana or from outside the country could cost one a very huge amount of money as a lot of the workers in Ghana are either low or middle income earners. Due to this, the best option is to import a used vehicle… Read More »

Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process

Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process Ever since Uber launched in Ghana in 2016, there has been constant increase in the number of ride request per minute every day. This has led to a corresponding increase in the demand for qualified drivers on their system, and this number increases every day. But how does one… Read More »

List of DVLA Approved Driving Schools In Ghana – 2021

Learning to drive and working on getting your driver’s license could be quite a hustle in Ghana, but thankfully we have driving schools. These institutions take care of everything; they prepare you for both the written and practical examination, help you begin the DVLA registration process and even give you a car with an instructor… Read More »

DVLA road signs and meanings in Ghana

Get to know DVLA road signs and meanings in Ghana Road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to guide and provide information to road users (drivers and pedestrians). Road signs can be otherwise referred to as traffic signs. There are a number of road colour signs in Ghana, we will… Read More »

Cost of Enrolling In A Driving School in Ghana

Cost of Driving School in Ghana Understanding the principles of the road and having full control of the vehicle when on the road is the pride of most drivers. In this article, glammynews will name some institutions, talk about some requirements of enrolling in a driving school and the most pressing question that is, the… Read More »