Price Of A Brand New Tractor In Ghana

New Tractor Prices in Ghana

How Much Are The New Tractor Prices in Ghana? – This article gives you insight into all the details regarding the price structures. In a developing country like Ghana, agriculture is the backbone of the economy, and majority of Ghanaians are connected to agriculture in some way or another.  Even if they are not into … Read more

Prices of Home Used Tractors In Ghana

Prices of Home Used Tractors In Ghana

Agricultural farming cannot be accomplished without tractors, as they are essential for efficient and productive farming.  Tractors are used for tillage and sometimes ploughing, a process very necessary for better yield and harvest.  However, Ghana is populated with peasant farmers who cannot afford the use of tractors. Meaning they tend to hire the services of … Read more

What you need to know about Ghana’s government auction car sales

Ghana government auction car sales

Here are a few things you need to know about Ghana government auction car sales The customs division of the Ghana Revenue Authority is in charge of the organization of public auction exercises to sell general public overstayed vehicles. The auctioning of overstayed vehicles is a way to generate revenue for the Ghanaian government and … Read more

Prices of Lexus cars in Ghana

Prices of Lexus cars in Ghana

Lexus is a popular, luxury car brand with different models that belong to the Toyota brand.  Generally, the Toyota brand prides itself in making luxury cars affordable for the many, however, the Lexus Cars in Ghana prices differ and some are more expensive than others.  So, you need to check your budget to see the … Read more

Prices of Toyota Cars in Ghana

Prices of Toyota Cars in Ghana

Ghanaians love good cars, and Toyota cars are just a perfect choice. With its bold-looking exterior, riding the Toyota brand gives you a feeling of confidence. Toyota cars are one of the most used and popular cars in Ghana. It’s mostly used and bought because of its fuel consumption. Toyota cars are very simple to … Read more

Price Of 2022 Honda Accord In Nigeria

2022 Honda Accord In Nigeria

Do you seek to get yourself the 2022 Honda Accord in Nigeria? Are you pessimistic and uncertain about its prices? Well, you should be because the car has been designed with some fantastic features and has also been created to take the standards.  The 2022 Honda Accord has been built in a sleek profile with … Read more

Cost Of Shipping A Car From Usa To Nigeria

Car Shipping Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the few countries where it is rare to see a car that is manufactured in the country driving on its roads, however, this shouldn’t be as surprising as most African countries are totally dependent on imported goods.  Nigeria is however not exclusive.  They depend enormously on foreign goods for survival. When … Read more