Beginners Guide to Buying Aboboyaa in Ghana

Aboboyaa is moderately flooding the streets of Ghana and making their impact felt in every nook and cranny of the country.

This type of tricycle as we all know is mostly used for commercial purposes. They include transporting of goods like bags of sachet water, food items, just to mention a few.

They can be found in all the major cities of the country involved in carting goods from one place to the other.

Today, glammynews will provide guidelines, requirements, and what you need to know when buying Aboboyaa.

How To Choose Aboboya


In order for you to make the right decision when buying Aboboyaa, you need to check the Engine Size, Spare Part Availability, and Ratings.

Engine Size

Aboboya has two types of engine size, we have the150 cc and 210 cc.

The 150 cc carries less weight while the 210 cc carries more weight.

Eg: An engine with 150 cc can carry up to 60 bags of water bag, whiles the 210 cc loads 100 water bags and above.

Spare Part Availability

Like every other car, maintenance is very important.

Before purchasing Aboboyaa, you need to check the availability of its spare part.

Never buy it when the spare part is scarce.


Just like any other products or brands, we have inferior and high-quality goods, hence ratings are necessary when making a decision to buy Aboboyaa.

There are different types of Aboboya brands in the system.

Enquire about the best brands or types of Aboboya before making a purchase.