Car Door Types: What You Need To Know

The doors of your car are among the most important parts, as they determine not only how safe you are from thieves, but also how safe you are from accidents.

A door that cannot close properly or is too weak to withstand a collision is obviously not what you want.

 If a door won’t close properly, an accident may happen and may result to damage to your property and injury to those inside the vehicle. 

You should also take note that the doors of your car make up a significant portion of the vehicle’s aesthetics.

The purpose of this article is to inform you about car doors and their types.

Car Door Types

They are Gull-wing doors, Scissor doors, Butterfly doors, Swan doors,Canopy doors, Sliding doors, Suicide doors and Front Hinged doors.

  • Front Hinged doors

Front Hinged doors give a car room for only one door which is used both as entrance and exit from the car. 

The advantage of these kinds of doors is that it allows for easy packing at congested parking lots. 

Regardless, you can also not pack cars with these kinds of  doors Infront of a wall. The door is found in front of the car

  • Sliding doors

Sliding doors are suspended and slide horizontally on a car giving adequate space for larger objects to be loaded and unloaded from the car.

These are normally common on modern mini buses.

  • Suicide doors

Suicide doors are the opposite of the normal doors used in ordinary modern cars. It has its door hinged to the rear part of the entrance instead of the front part.

These types of doors are rarely seen because they are considered hazardous.

  • Butterfly doors

Butterfly doors normally add up to the ecstatic beauty of most modern sports cars.

The opening and closing mechanism employed by this type of door is quite amazing.

The doors swipe up and out using hinged around a central pivot.

  • Scissor doors

Scissor doors are very similar to the butterfly doors except that they swipe up only and do not move out because they are hinged at the bottom of the A-pivot.

  • Gull-Wing doors

Gull-Wing doors open upwards as a result of the doors being hinged at the topmost part of the car. When such doors are opened , the car resembles a seagull.

  • Canopy doors

Canopy doors are best used in areas where cars are parked closely to each other.

However in areas where ceiling levels are low, they aren’t the best.

Because it is opened at the top of the car, passengers find it easier moving in and out of the car. The doors could be hinged at any part of the car(front,rear or top) and that makes it elegant.

  • Swan doors

They are actually one of the nicest doors. Found on very expensive cars like the  Jaguar C X75.

Although it’s almost similar to traditional doors, it opens more widely.

Also note that, these car doors open horizontally just that it comes with an elegant styling which gives a  car resemblance to a swan.