CODA Drive : What You Need To Know, Including Prices & Requirements

The Coda Drive is a new type of vehicle introduced in Ghana by the coastal development authority to help drivers in Oti, Western, Central, and Greater Accra reduce poverty by providing commercial drivers, okada, and Pragya riders.

The coda drive is a four-passenger quadricycle used in the nearby communities and inner cities especially in the coastal cities and it’s funded by the infrastructure for poverty eradication program (IPEP).

The new initiative is also expected to help address road safety within the 6 coastal regions.

Qualification Requirement for Both Okada Riders and Non-Okada Riders

  • In order for anyone to qualify for the coda drive, one needs to be a resident in the coastal areas and also be a member of any such as fishing, farming, and driving.
  • You need to have a valid driving license and should be at least a class B.
  • Next, you need two guarantors to help fill your application form and also a coastal credit union membership card.
  • You also need a Ghana card for registration that if you are applying as an okada driver.
  • Again as an okada driver, you need to give your motorbike to the authority.

Price of the Coda Drive  

CODA drive
CODA drive

The Coda drive price is 25,000 Ghana cedi and you are required to make payment based on hire purchase.

However, you are to make an initial payment of 40% of the 25,000 cedis and the balance should be paid within 2 years with a monthly interest of 2%.

Take note that with the hire purchase payment, all your vehicle documents will be with the coastal development authorities until you make full payment.

After making full payment you will have the documents transferred to you as the rightful owner of the vehicle.


All CODA Drive vehicles are insured before they are distributed.


Before being distributed to beneficiaries, all CODA Drive vehicles must be registered in the name of CODA Credit Union.

After a vehicle is paid for, ownership of the vehicle shall pass to the buyer/beneficiary.