Cost of Enrolling In A Driving School in Ghana

Cost of Driving School in Ghana

Understanding the principles of the road and having full control of the vehicle when on the road is the pride of most drivers.

In this article, glammynews will name some institutions, talk about some requirements of enrolling in a driving school and the most pressing question that is, the cost involved in the enrollment.

In Ghana, the legal age is 18 years and so is the minimum required age for a person who is willing to attend a driving school in Ghana.

There are over fifty (50) driving schools that offer professional driving training in Ghana.

These include speed line driving school, Kab driving school, Best brain, Imperial driving school, St. Paul , Top tech Rive Consult Ltd, Advance Technique , just to mention a few.

Even though the prime aim and entry requirements of all these institutions are the same, they are all unique in their offering (packages) and pricing.


But in general, the cost of enrolling is anywhere between Ghc 600 to Ghc 1,200.

These figures vary depending on the students preferred driving class, experience and how urgent they want their license.


The minimum duration for training across all institutions for fresh students with no, or very little driving experience is 3 months.

After this period, the student takes a written exam and must attain a pass mark of 70%.

Cost of Enrolling In A Driving School in Ghana

A road test examination is also done to give the student a feel of the road and an overview of the road signs.

After going through all these processes successfully, the student takes a final examination (both written and practical) with a DVLA instructor and when they are successful, they get schedule to get their Drivers License.

All these processes could seem like a drag and sometimes unnecessary, but with some level dedication and strong desire to drive, you will be cruising in town in no time.