Cost Of Shipping a Car from USA to Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the few countries where it is rare to see a car that is manufactured in the country driving on its roads, however, this shouldn’t be as surprising as most African countries are totally dependent on imported goods.

Nigeria is however not exclusive.

They depend enormously on foreign goods for survival. When it comes to both new and old automobiles, they are mostly imported from the USA into Nigeria.

Well, right after car purchase, shipping must follow.

However, before a car could be allowed into Nigeria, the Nigerian customs demand your Nigerian Driver’s License, a packing list, proof of insurance, a filled out plate number, original invoice, Shipped bill, Nigerian ID  documents, proof of address, and e-form M’.

With all these essentials, your car might have an easy pass, however, there are certain requirements the shipped car must meet.

The car must be left-hand drive as no right-hand driven automobile is allowed on the Nigerian road.

The car must also be within the minimum required age which is less than 15years and not more than 15 years.

You must also be aware that once your car has been given a pass, you need to get a vehicle identification tag and then address it to The Federal Road Service.

You must also provide a chassis and engine number before your car is issued a number plate.

There are two major ways your car can be shipped and thus the Roll-on-Roll method and the  Container Shipping method.

The container shipping method comes in two forms, exclusive container shipping, and the shared container shipping method.

The sharing is less expensive however you would share the container alongside other cars whereas the exclusive method is expensive.

The exclusive shipping method means your car shall be shipped alone.

Normally delivery is very fast as compared to the shared shipping method.

In the USA, places like Long Beach, Houston, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Oakland, California, Savannah, and Newark, New Jersey provide car shipping to Lagos, Nigeria.

Prices of shipping aren’t stable as it’s normally dependent on several factors.

The method of shipping, The part of the USA the car is being shipped from, the type of car, and the method all influence the shipping prices.

The approximate price from shipping a car from Long Beach, CA to Nigeria is between $1650 to $1850 for shared containers only.

From Jacksonville, Florida to Nigeria is estimated to be from $995 to $1350.

The price for shipping from Baltimore, Maryland to Nigeria is $970 to $1350.

Also, the shipment fee for a car from Savannah, Georgia to Nigeria is approximated to be between $995 to $1300. 

Finally, ship car from Wilmington, Delaware to Nigeria is between $970 and $1300