List of DVLA Approved Driving Schools In Ghana – 2021

DVLA Approved Driving Schools In Ghana

Learning to drive and working on getting your driver’s license could be quite a hustle in Ghana, but thankfully we have driving schools. These institutions take care of everything; they prepare you for both the written and practical examination, help you begin the DVLA registration process and even give you a car with an instructor … Read more

DVLA driving test questions and answers

DVLA driving test questions and answers

Passing a DVLA driver’s assessment test is a prerequisite for obtaining a driver’s license in Ghana. It is therefore very important for a student to invest a lot of time in familiarizing themselves with some of the most frequently asked questions. Below are 10 sample multiple-choice questions you can try your hands on. Try not … Read more

Cost of Enrolling In A Driving School in Ghana

Driving School in Ghana

Cost of Driving School in Ghana Understanding the principles of the road and having full control of the vehicle when on the road is the pride of most drivers. In this article, glammynews will name some institutions, talk about some requirements of enrolling in a driving school and the most pressing question that is, the … Read more