List of DVLA Approved Driving Schools In Ghana – 2021

Learning to drive and working on getting your driver’s license could be quite a hustle in Ghana, but thankfully we have driving schools.

These institutions take care of everything; they prepare you for both the written and practical examination, help you begin the DVLA registration process and even give you a car with an instructor for your on-road driving practice.

The services these institutions offer are on high demand, and this has created an influx of driving schools all over the country, a lot of which are not duly register with DVLA.

In this article, glammynews seeks to give its audience a head start with a list of DVLA approved driving schools in Ghana, this will guide you if you ever decide to consider attending a driver school.

To begin with, DVLA qualifies an institution on certain basis like; the number of qualified teachers, structures including having roadworthy vehicles used for practice, conducive learning environment among other qualities.

Currently, there are about 90 DVLA approved driving schools spread across the country, with Greater Accra having the most and Upper East having the least. Below is a list of the schools with their contacts:


Rabonny Driving Institute 0265968275

Best Brain Driving School 0249688776

Mirage Driving School 0244264122

Imperial Driving School 0277557104

St. Paul’s Driving School 0208860985


Door Step Driving School 0244979511

Road Runners Driving School 0208122141

Sefos and Sons Driving School 0231573711


Miracle Express Driving 0244771692

Holy Driving School 0244771692

Jab Driving School 0208149954


Good Foundation Driving Academy 0267663757

Koforidua Driving School 0202297666

Danny’s Driving School 0204432171

Eugene Black Driving School 0244376194


Top Gear driving school 0205580060

New Generation Driving School 0244659569

Gracious Pearl Driving School 0244207278


Abele Driving School 0208727374

Progressive Driving School 0233944300

Johnson Driving School 0208623548


Pass over driving school 0247569798

Image Driving School 0209092500

Manzi Driving School 0244798254

In the Upper East Region, there is only one available certified school which is the Lyons Driving School which has not made its contact available to the public yet.

The above-mentioned schools are only but a few of the DVLA approved driving schools in the country, so do your own research and if you ever find any that has not been captured on our list, feel free to share with us in the comments.