Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, Builds His Own Solar Car Using Trash

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Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, a 23-year-old university student is the newest inventor of a solar-powered car.

Emmanuel Alie Mansaray who lives in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone has developed a two-seat four-wheeler solar car that includes a solar panel on top.

In an interview with popular vlogger Nas Daily, Emmanuel Alie Mansaray revealed that he built his solar car from the trash.

How He Started
Emmanuel narrated that, where he lives, every single car emits pollution, so this motivated him to come up with a solution to build a solar car to help eradicate the growing air pollution problem in Sierra Leone.

However, he needed funds to embark on his project but didn’t have so he decided to visit junkyards to collect trash which will enable him to build his Imagination Car.

According to him, he calls it an imagination car because of everything he imagined it to be.

The project took him three years of hard work, but the car is now up and running.

The ‘Imagination car’ which has been designed using his country’s signature colors of green, white and blue, does not pollute the environment because it runs entirely on solar.

Emmanuel dreams of building more products that are environmentally friendly.

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