Car Insurance

Here is a list of car insurance types available in Ghana

(Car Insurance in Ghana)—Obtaining a policy for your dream car should be your first step after buying it.

In accordance with the Third Party Insurance Act 195, owners of vehicles operating on public roads are required to acquire insurance covering their liability to others.

Aside from that, it is important to know that your insurance coverage will determine the level of benefit you receive.

There are a few institutions that offer incredible services and incentives, such as Enterprise Group, Quality Insurance Company, and Priority Insurance Company.

This article outlines the kinds of car insurance which are available in the country as well as their requirements and benefits.

Types of Motor Insurance

  • Comprehensive policy

Damage from an accident, theft, burglary, riot, injury or death to a third party and natural occurrences, such as floods or earthquakes, is covered by this policy.

  • Third Party policy

The policy protects you from liability for property damage or injuries caused while driving if you or a person driving your vehicle with your consent sustains property damage or injuries as a result of driving.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft Policy

Fire or theft damage to the vehicle is covered by this policy.

Cost of Insurance

Various insurance providers charge different rates for their policies.

The cost of third-party insurance for saloon cars at Priority Insurance is GHC 221, while at SIC Insurance it’s GHC 371.

An insurance provider will need to examine the vehicle before offering a free quote for a comprehensive policy.

Considerations include factors such as the vehicle’s manufacturer and model year.