How To Renew Your Drivers License Online In Ghana

How To Renew Your Drivers License Online In Ghana

Today, thanks to the introduction of technology, almost all businesses and companies have gone online to make their work more efficient and convenient.

DVLA is no different as they launched their online portal in 2019 for their customer’s easy access to their services.

Their online portal has the registration process and renewal process as well but this article is going to take you through the step in renewing your driver’s license online with DVLA, the type of driving license, cost, and who qualifies to have a license.

Let’s begin by learning what a driving license means.

A driving license is a legal document given to all persons from the age of 18 who wish to drive vehicles in the country.

Currently, the driving license is also renewed every 5 years when given out.

Cost of renewing your license

Renew Drivers License Online

For one renewal you pay 45ghc but when you are renewing it is 105ghc.

Types of Driving License In Ghana

There are 6 Types of Driving License In Ghana and there are arranged from A to F. Below is what they mean;

  • A — License for Motorcycle drivers in Ghana
  • B — The license for minibusses drivers, pick-up drivers of which the vehicle can contain 1-15 passengers.
  • C — For bus and moderate goods drivers. Such vehicles must contain 1-45 passengers
  • D — For Buses, coaches, and heavy-duty drivers of which buses must contain 1-65 passengers.
  • E — The license acquired by drivers who can drive industrial equipment such as bulldozers, harvesters, forklifts, and more.
  • F — For drivers who can drive heavy carrying vehicles; articulators and others.

How Does One Qualify To Apply For Driving License in Ghana

  • A person who is 18 years and above
  • Must be able to read and write
  • You must pass the 48-hours training with a DVLA authorized driving school to enable you get your driving license within two weeks

Documents Required Before renewing Drivers License

  • Expired License
  • One colored passport-sized photo

How To Renew Your Drivers License Online in Ghana

  • Just visit the web portal
  • Select Driver Licensing
  • Select Renewal Of Driver’s License
  • Click “APPLY ONLINE” after the brief information about the requirements and the procedure.
  • You will be redirected to the sign-in page, sign in or sign-up if this is your first time.
  • On the portal, continue with the renewal of your license by following the steps and guides given on the website, also make sure to provide accurate details.