How to Start a Car With a Dead Battery Without Jumper Cables

The sudden death of a car battery is not an extraordinary event, it is quite common.

When your car’s battery goes so flat in a commercial area where there are a lot of people with operable cars, you can be fortunate.

In this case, the need for a mechanic goes away.

However, what if the car breaks down at a distant location where there are no other cars or people nearby?

At that point, your jumper cables are utterly useless because there wouldn’t be any active car around to jump on to.

No matter the brand, model, or how costly your car may be, its battery is not above dying off.

So you must learn how to kick start your car’s dead battery regardless if there is a mechanic, jumper cables, or none.

This article focuses on starting a dead battery without jumper cables in times of emergencies and misfortunes.

Well, when you allege your car’s battery has died off, inspect your car to be precise and certain that no other problem is causing the malfunctioning of the car before starting the whole process.

There should be an indication that suggests the car’s battery is dead and this could be verified from the dim lights of the car’s head and rear lights.

Once you have verified, the mantra now lies on you to kick start the dead battery.

Firstly, make sure your car is on an inclined plane. If no one is around to help, open the driver’s gate and push the car while support

Supporting the steering wheel. Push the car to where its position inclines. If there are people around, then you seek their help to push your car while you stay behind the steering wheel.

The reason for doing that is to position the car for the needed momentum needed to start it.

Now at an inclined position, press the clutch of the car and leave it in the second gear. Do not start the car, however, you leave it ignition.

When people are on the ground, ask them to push the car while you sit behind the steering wheel.

If there isn’t anyone around, then while you are pushing the car, hold the steering wheel. Release the clutch when the car gains momentum and now start your car.