Complete List Of All Kantanka Cars In Ghana

Complete List Of All Kantanka Cars In Ghana

Complete List Of All Kantanka Cars In Ghana

The road we tread on, daily, gives us an overview of all cars in the world.

Pedestrians always look with awe at how marvelous some cars were manufactured. Most often than not, these cars seem to be imported from the western world.

Most Ghanaians are only aware of Toyota, VW, Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Benz, Rolls Royce among others. Thanks to nature for blessing this motherland with an African giant who is willing and has put his wish into play by manufacturing some vehicle artefacts to the taste of many.

You might have been seeing Kantanka cars on your various roads and be wondering how many of these models are exhibited? Kantanka is from the Akan origin which means Great One.

Emeritus Professor Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, who is the founder of these automotive components, founded Kantanka Automobile in the year 1994. The company is well vested in the manufacturing of both on road and off-road vehicles.

Let us delve into all the great automotive vehicles this great man has manufactured. There are currently six models of cars ranging from saloon cars, pickups and luxurious 4×4 .

The first car that was manufactured was a CBU in 1998 and was using 75% of local components. Did you know that Kantanka also manufactured the first Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Ghana? Oh yes. They named it Kantanka Onantefo which costs GH₵170,000. Other Kantanka models include:

Kantanka Mensa

This car costs GH₵120,000.

Kantanka K71

The K17 is a luxurious high-performance car that has top notch features which costs GH₵85,000.

Kantanka Amoanimaa

This model costs GH₵80,000.

Kantanka Omama Luxury 44

Omama Luxury 44  costs GH₵150,000.

Kantanka Ordinary 44

The price for this brand is GH₵95,000.

These cars come with 3 years warranty and guess what? The payment covers DVLA and tax registration. Thinking of getting that dream vehicle? Then I guess it’s about time you have a look at Kantanka vehicles as you can get for yourself a cool vehicle.


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