Mercedes Benz C300 Price In Ghana – 2021

Mercedes Benz vehicles are characterized by consistency and continuity – and its Mercedes Benz C300 model is no exception.

Among the most sought-after vehicles, the Mercedes Benz C300 has been rated among the most popular models since its advent many years ago.

Curious about C300 prices today? We have the right content for you.

Here is an overview of C300 prices in Ghana today.

Brand New Mercedes Benz C300 Price in Ghana


The price of a brand new Mercedes Benz C300 is influenced by exchange rates, tariffs, and custom clearance charges, just as with every other new vehicle.

However, the latest model is priced between Ghc 300,000 and 450,000.

Tariff clearance charges and charges for other necessary documentation are sometimes included in this fee.

The new Mercedes C300 models are now on sale in Ghana.

They can be ordered into the country directly from manufacturers or purchased from automobile vehicle distributors and dealers nationwide.

Foreign Used Mercedes Benz C300 Price in Ghana

Even though foreign used Mercedes Benz C300s aren’t as shiny as their brand new counterparts, they maintain the same level of style and class that the brand is known for.

Due to Mercedes’ reputation for manufacturing strong and dependable automobiles, you should have no problem finding a clean and foreign-used C300.

Listed below are current prices for various foreign used C300 models in Ghana

  • 2010 – GH₵ 88,000
  • 2011 – GH₵ 87,000
  • 2012 – GH₵ 104,000
  • 2015 – GH₵ 168,550 – 183,000
  • 2016 – GH₵ 170,000
  • 2017 – GH₵ 183,000
  • 2018 – GH₵ 190,000

Locally Used Mercedes Benz C300 prices in Ghana

Local used Mercedes Benz vehicles can sometimes be a great alternative to new or imported models, depending on their type, model, reliability, and durability.

The C300 is a durable and powerful vehicle, so buying a neat locally used version should be a wise choice. That’s an option worth considering.

Listed below are the current market prices for a locally used Mercedes Benz C300 in Ghana.

  • 2009 – GH₵ 50,000 – 100,00
  • 2013 – GH₵ 60,000 – 120,000
  • 2015 – GH₵ 100,000 – 160,000
  • 2016 – GH₵ 105,000 – 160,000
  • 2018 – GH₵ 130,000 – 170,000


Mercedes Benz C300 should be on the list of most car lovers, especially if you like compact sedans that are stylish and efficient.

It has enough power to satisfy most drivers and has plenty of tech options to ensure you are never bored while driving it.