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Uber Removes Cancellation Fees in Ghana

American tech giant, Uber, through its representatives in Ghana, has officially announced the removal of its cancellation fees. The cancelation fees was initiated to make sure drivers were fairly compensated for committing their time to a trip. For clients, the cancellation fee was automatically charged to their next trip. However, according to Uber, their research… Read More »

Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, Builds His Own Solar Car Using Trash

 Emmanuel Alie Mansaray, a 23-year-old university student is the newest inventor of a solar-powered car. Emmanuel Alie Mansaray who lives in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone has developed a two-seat four-wheeler solar car that includes a solar panel on top. In an interview with popular vlogger Nas Daily, Emmanuel Alie Mansaray revealed that he… Read More »