Price Of A Brand New Tractor In Ghana

How Much Are The New Tractor Prices in Ghana? – This article gives you insight into all the details regarding the price structures.

In a developing country like Ghana, agriculture is the backbone of the economy, and majority of Ghanaians are connected to agriculture in some way or another. 

Even if they are not into agriculture, they would somehow require a tractor for a particular construction.

 In agriculture, tractors are used normally for tillage and that improves the agricultural yield of the farm. 

Technically, doing away with the tractor is never an option. Are you in hopes of buying a tractor? Do you know the price? 

Well, prices of brand new tractors shall be listed.

New Tractor Prices in Ghana

1. MF 290 (78HP – 2WD) has a low fuel consumption rate and it’s very affordable. It comes with a smart steering wheel, durable and highly efficient engine.

It sells at $7,000 to $16,000

2. MF 350 Plus (50HP 2WD) carries 8 forward and 2 reverse gears transmission methods. It comes with a fuel tank of 45 liters. It is an ideal tractor for small-scale farmers.

It sells at $16,500

3. MF 375 (75Hp-2WD) has hydraulic steering and produces a horsepower of 75Hp.

It also comes with an efficient low noise and is sold at $16, 499 to $17,999.

4. MF 385(85Hp-2WD) has a reduced smoke level with an oil cooler added for effective cooling it is being sold at $25,000,00

5. NH 480S(55Hp – 2WD) is one of the most economical tractors available to farmers. Its compact and rugged design makes it a choice for efficient work. It has a gross weight of about  1,710Kg and it sells at $7,000.

6. NH 55-56 (55Hp – 2WD) has a hydraulic power steering coupled with  55 or 56 flywheel engine power.

It’s clutch is the dual type with separate control pedals. It costs $8,000.

7. NH-GHAZI (65Hp – 2WD) comes with a hydrostatic power steering. It is packed with a thermo starter and has front and rear indicators. It sells at $15,200.

8. NH 60-56 (65Hp – 2WD) is ideal for farming because it is affordable and very efficient. It has excellent fuel consumption.

It has a four-stroke direct diesel engine and a three-row brass tube and copper fin radiator.

It costs $16,000.

9. NH D95 (98Hp – 2WD) tractors have their manufacturer to be New Holland and it comes with specs like cooling system fluid capacity and a hydrostatic power steering.

It sells at $18,000.