Prices of Home Used Tractors In Ghana

Agricultural farming cannot be accomplished without tractors, as they are essential for efficient and productive farming. 

Tractors are used for tillage and sometimes ploughing, a process very necessary for better yield and harvest. 

However, Ghana is populated with peasant farmers who cannot afford the use of tractors.

Meaning they tend to hire the services of these tractors and where they could afford them, they cannot have enough to purchase a brand new tractor.

This is where used tractors come in. Used tractors are cheaper and can also be very efficient. 

A list of quality used tractors and their prices have been given below;

Prices of Home Used Tractors In Ghana
Prices of Home Used Tractors In Ghana

1. MF Tractor 178 comes normally foreign used. It costs GHS61,000.

The tractor has an oil capacity of  14.2L , a coolant capacity of  27.3L and a hydraulic steering power.

2. EBRO Tractors are mostly available Ghanaian used and it sells at GHS60,000.

They come in different specifications like  130,155D and 155E.

3. MF 135 Tractors are normally foreign used and they cost GHS45,000.

They come around the 30-40horsepower  and incredibly dependable.

4. Fiat 750 Tractors sells at GHS25,000. They are foreign used.

They provide a decent ratio of performances and have a very big and powerful engine.

5. John Deere Tractors sell at GHS95,000 and are normally foreign used.

They are faster, efficient, and powerful tools that are useful regardless not being new.

6. MF 265 Tractors are foreign used tractors when not bought brand new.

They sell at GHS86,000. It’s manufacturer is Massey Ferguson and it comes with an engine efficacy of 50horsepower.

7. EBRO 470 Tractors are sold at  GHS35,000 and foreign used at the moment.

Their sizes and dimensions are perfectly suitable for the work.

8. Tractor Valtra is being sold at GHS60,000 and it’s available as foreign used.

9. MF 375 Tractor sells at GHS35,000 and it is Ghanaian used. It is a long-lasting machine that comes with a horsepower of 75.

10. Ford 5000 Tractory normally comes foreign used. It is sold at  GHS50,000.

It is a mid-range farming input ideal for the European farmer but also ideal for the African market.

11. Landini Tractor sells at  GHS60,000 and foreign used.

It is an Italian brand of tractors that is built extensively for high performance and productivity.

12. Ford 6610 Tractors is a foreign used tractor selling in Ghana at GHS57,000.

Majorly found in South Africa it is fueled by a diesel engine and it’s highly efficient.