Spare Parts in Ghana

Spare Parts in Ghana: Where to Find Car Spare Parts in Ghana, Location, Contacts

Are you new to driving and looking for where to buy spare parts in Ghana? Have you searched but still haven’t gotten what you want?

If yes then go nowhere as this post is all about the best places to buy car spare parts in Ghana.

Getting a car’s spare parts is somehow difficult because if you don’t know the right place to go you will end up being duped and given fake parts which will give you problems after some days of use.

That’s why it is good to know the right places to buy original spare parts for your car.

Spare parts are used to substitute the one that came with the came straight so that in case of any fault you can use the spare to replace it.

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Where To Buy Spare Parts In Ghana

Spare Parts in Ghana

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Below are the places you can buy your car spare parts in Ghana and their contact details for more information or even if you have issues.

Japan Motors

The first place you can go and buy your spare parts is Japan Motors.

At Japan motors, all types and brands are there to select from and make your choice.

They also have original goods that leave their customers satisfied and comfortable.

  • Contact Information
  • Address: Accra Graphic Road, P. O. Box AN 5216, Accra
  • Email:
  • Phone : (+233)0540 106 574

Mac Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Limited

Another great place to look when you want to buy spare parts in Ghana is Mac Autos & Spare Parts.

They have operated for years and almost everyone is talking about their services.

They are not limited but have all the car brands available for their customers to choose from.

  • Contact Information
  • Address: 105 Spintex Rd, Accra Ghana
  • Phone: +233-322087938

Best Autos Solutions

On our list of where to buy spare parts in Ghana, we have the best autos solutions, one of the best car maintenance companies, and also one of the best in selling quality spare parts in Ghana.

They have everything a car needs to function from the interior, exterior accessories, oil and air filters, brake pads and discs, air conditioning system, and others.

At Best autos solutions you get your product delivered to you wherever you are and also enjoy a warranty on spare parts bought.

  • Contact Information
  • Address: Nii Ayikai St, Accra Ghana
  • Phone: +233-61626123