DVLA Head Office: Direction, Contact Details, Regional Office

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) of Ghana is the governmental body responsible for licensing and evaluating drivers and cars in Ghana. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) of Ghana was established in the year 1999 with its headquarters in Greater Accra and branches in all regions in Ghana. The institution was first called Vehicle…

Driving Schools

DVLA Driving Test Questions and Answers

Passing a DVLA driver’s assessment test is a prerequisite for obtaining a driver’s license in Ghana. It is therefore very important for a student to invest a lot of time in familiarizing themselves with some of the most frequently asked questions. Below are 10 sample multiple-choice questions you can try your hands on. Try not to peek…


DVLA road signs and meanings in Ghana

Road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to guide and provide information to road users (drivers and pedestrians). Road signs can be otherwise referred to as traffic signs. There are a number of road colour signs in Ghana, we will talk about the five most common ones namely; black and…