Toyota Cars: Prices in Ghana

Ghanaians love good cars, and Toyota cars are just a perfect choice.

With its bold-looking exterior, riding the Toyota brand gives you a feeling of confidence.

Toyota cars are one of the most used and popular cars in Ghana. It’s mostly used and bought because of its fuel consumption.

Toyota cars are very simple to identify and use.

When you are looking for comfort, affordability look no further but only Toyota.

This is one type of car that’s spare parts aren’t difficult to get in Ghana and mechanics are easy to work on any problem.

In this article, we will look at the prices of Toyota cars in Ghana.

If you are an entertainment person, then the Toyota car is the best for you. A car that comes with a well-decorated interior for human-friendly entertainment features built with.

Prices of Toyota Cars in Ghana

Toyota has different types such as the Toyota Camry Spider which comes with a 7-inch touch screen of information and entertainment system built, six-speaker stereo, Apple CarPlay, Siri eyes-free, Android auto, Satellite radio, a USB port, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Bluetooth connectivity option.

Toyota cars are automatic cars that come with airbags, electric windows, fog lights, central locking, alloy wheels, and a special feature like the keyless entry.

Depending on the type of Toyota Car you are buying, prices may vary from years.

If you want to buy any brand-new or home-used Toyota Car, the first thing to do is to contact Toyota Ghana or check other Car dealers in Ghana for any second-hand Toyota car you want.

These are the prices for the Toyota Car in Ghana.

Table of Contents

 Toyota Corolla

  • 2010 Foreign used Toyota Corolla GH₵ 35,950
  • 2013 Foreign Used Toyota Corolla.  GH₵56,95

Toyota Landcruiser Prado

  •  2017 locally used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. GH₵ 274,000
  • 2013 locally used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado GH₵ 234,000
  • 2020 foreign used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado GH₵344,000

Toyota RAV4

  • 2009 locally used Toyota RAV4   GH₵ 46,300
  • 2015 foreign used Toyota RAV4. GH₵ 105,000
  • 2018 foreign used Toyota RAV4. GH₵ 145,000
  • 2010 foreign used Toyota RAV4. GH₵ 72,000

Toyota Camry

  • 2011 locally used  Toyota Camry     GH₵ 31,750
  • 2014 Foreign Used Toyota Camry.      GH₵ 77,340
  • 2018 Foreign used Toyota Camry.      GH₵ 134,150
  • 2019 Foreign used Toyota Camry.      GH₵ 173,650

Toyota Hilux

  • 2016 foreign used Toyota Hilux GH₵ 260,000
  • 2014 locally used Toyota Hilux GH₵ 105,000
  • 2016 locally used Toyota Hilux GH₵ 150,000