Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process

Uber Ghana Requirements

Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process

Ever since Uber launched in Ghana in 2016, there has been constant increase in the number of ride request per minute every day.

This has led to a corresponding increase in the demand for qualified drivers on their system, and this number increases every day.

But how does one become an Uber driver? Are there any special requirement needed?

Before you can become an Uber driver, you need have the following documents.


  • A valid Driver’s license
  • A clear photo of yourself
  • Proof of insurance (Insurance must have third party insurance with comprehensive cover).
  • Clearance certificate from the Ghana police headquarters.
  • Road worthy sticker.

A road worthy sticker can be acquired by registering the vehicle at the nearest DVLA office.

During the registration process, the vehicle will be checked to ascertain its condition.

After the authentication of the documents are checked, signing up on the uber website is next after which the individual will receive an email, asking the individual to fill up a form and upload the scanned copies of the document.

Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process

Uber Ghana Requirements

Uber will then use the documents as uploaded to conduct a thorough background check on the individual if he is of good character and does not possess any criminal history.

Oral and written interviews are conducted to evaluate the skills of the driver within a duration of 2 to 3 weeks.

After successfully passing all these, the driver is then formally signed into the UBER GHANA DRIVER SERVICE. In Ghana, the only available service of uber is Uber-X service which is known worldwide for its great service package.

Uber service is one of the most legal and lucrative way of making money as a driver in Ghana as it provides one of the most effective and efficient ways of connecting to customers with ease.

So whether you have been recently laid off or just looking to make some extra income, Uber might be a great place to start.


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