What is the best site for car auctions?

Having the audacity to bid on the car is a very brave thing to do. Most people want a car and they will literally do anything in order to get one.

Some prefer loans to purchase cars, others prefer other traditional methods in acquiring.

Car Auction has become a common practice now adopted by many who want to purchase cars.

Though auctioning can be very dangerous and difficult, the cars sold are cheaper and also classy.

The processes adopted to earn a car is also convenient.

A list of acclaimed and approved online auction sites are provided below.

Auto Auction Mall

Auto Auction Mall allows salvaged, pre owned and used cars to be bid on at their site.

It is one of the largest Auction sites and presents customized tools that give individuals greater opportunity to select a wide range of cars.

The site aside its greatest customer service delivery, it is also a partner with Auto Financing companies that could help you purchase a car of choice without worrying about your current financial burdens.

Copart Auto Auction

Copart Auto Auction is an online auction site that was established in 1982.

It has about 11 establishments in different countries and deals in the auctioning of salvaged used cars.

To partake in the site’s auction, you must have a dealer’s license in your possession.


Dashub requires you to at least lay a fraction of the retail cost and you get access to all cars you selected.

As a member, you can get access to about 200,000 salvaged, pre used and used cars.


Abetter.bid is another auctioning site that offers comprehensive service to individuals.

They have a stock of electric vehicles and other types of cars in their inventory.

Though it isn’t one of the largest, they still offer precise and better customer services.


Adesa is exclusively for dealers with a license.

It does not deal with salvaged vehicles. It is actually for dealerships on fleet cars, and off lease vehicles.


Smartbid allows their customers to select from a larger range of vehicles.

The auctioning site does not require all members to have a dealer’s license before partaking in a bid.

They also give dealers and buyers the room to make further inquires into brand , model and manufacturing date of car and more.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader is open to all and it renders experts advise about available vehicles within your locality. Though the car isn’t an online site, it rather connects the buyer to dealerships and private sellers.