What is the most popular Car in Ghana?

There are many factors that determine the choice of a car when it is purchased by a Ghanaian.

Some of the most important factors in choosing a car are its fuel consumption, its brand, its model, its specs, and its popularity.

Steeply depending probably on banks’ assistance in the past, now most people can afford purchasing cars.

Owing to the continuous improvement of the Ghanaian economy, most people could purchase cars instantly and hence majorly would want to buy a popular car.

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular cars that are available on the market today.

  • Toyota Corolla

The car isn’t just popular in Ghana, it’s found a name for itself in Nigeria also.

Ghanaians embraced the car’s older models widely but guess what? They tend to embrace newer versions, trooping in more than they had done for the older ones. The car’s engine ability really makes it ideal for popularity.

The engine is a 1.8L- 4 cylinders which produces a torque of 132hp.

It is coupled with other features like child safety locks, electronic stability control, side curtain airbags, and folding rear seats.

  • Toyota Camry

This car is most liked by Ghanaians of its fantastic fuel consumption coupled with excellent features like brake assist, traction control, and electronic stability control.

It is also preferred because its cost is cheaper compared to its function and style.

  • Toyota Land Cruisers

This type of car is very affirmative ATVs reliable on the Ghanaian road.

With innumerable portholes on the Ghanaian road, a car like the Toyota Land Cruiser will certainly gain popularity.

The car has the tendency to plying spoilt roads with efficient speed while giving you comfort and relaxation.

It comes with emergency brake assist and 5.7L-8 cylinder engines.

  • Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent earned its name, not because of its exceptional features, however, it is popular because of low maintenance fees, availability of spare parts across the country, and its fuel consumption rate.

  • Hyundai i10

This car has clear lens fog lights accompanied with a large gaping air dam, interior space, electric front windows, a 1.1L engine, and foldable rear seats. It is popular because of its compact size.

  • Toyota Hilux

It is very popular because it can be afforded and it comes very rugged. It is a pickup truck but its comfortability guarantees us as a family.

  • Nissan Sunny

This type of car is a five-seater car popular because of its ideal size and affordability.

It is coupled also with brilliant features that make it the choice of many.

The car has automatic climate control and power steering.

  • Suzuki Swift

It has a manual and automatic gearbox and it has a 5 seater capacity.

It is accompanied by sleek features that support its popularity.

Unlike the many Toyota cars that are popular, Suzuki brands are not.

But this particular brand has beaten all odds