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What you need to know about auto-check car loans in Ghana

The following article gives you all the details you need about auto check car loans in Ghana

Ownership of a car is a dream for many, regardless of whether it is used for business or for personal use.

The benefits of owning a vehicle include increased comfort and safety while commuting or making a few more cedis in your bank account.

Cars offer a greater return on investment when mostly used for commercial purposes, so it makes sense that people would want to own them.

However, not everyone can afford it. Does that mean if you can’t afford it instantly it’s over?

Well, AutoCheck Car Loan is a loaning facility for Ghanaians.

AutoCheck Car Loan is a service provided by AutoCheck  Company, Ghana together with other services like fixing cars, buying and selling cars and trucks.

Now, how authentic is Auto Check Loan?

Auto Check Car Loan
Auto Check Car Loan

Auto Check Loan has processed an estimated 15,000 applications for loans.

The facility has also disbursed over GHS500M to eligible applicants in loans and can also boast of having over 1,000 satisfied and professional staff.

The company has also sold out more than 500 cars.

So, do these recommendations satisfy you now?

The facility uses the “buy now pay monthly”.

It allows a duration of up to 36 months to repay the loan and an interest rate per annum starting from 18%.

The loaning facility provides loans to Ghanaian salaried workers and business personnel.

For a salaried worker, he or she must have the following documents before applying;

  1. Work ID
  2. Valid National ID
  3. Utility bills
  4. Six months bank statement of the current year.

A business owner or personnel must also be in possession of the following before applying;

  1. A CAC certificate
  2. Utility Bills
  3. A valid National ID
  4. Six months bank statement of the current year.

The loan procedure is quite a lenient and convenient one. To access the loan;

  1. Do a background check on your dream car and be sure the Auto Check Loan can support that.
  2. Pick forms and fill them out either electronically or in person.
  3. Get multiple loan offers from Auto Check Loan and accept the one of choice.
  4. Drive away with a dream car.

Auto Check Loan is sponsored by major financial institutions like Stanbic Bank. You can also apply for multiple loans if your income can support you.

Also, all Auto Check Loan cars come with registration, insurance, and yearly maintenance services. To qualify for the loan, you must also make a minimum equity payment of 30%.